Whirling and music for perfect meditation

Sufi practitioner and meditation expert Meera Ekin took the members of FICCI FLO on a spiritual ride during a session held in the state capital recently. During a three-hour long session, she talked about the art of meditation through music and whirling during a group act.

“We follow the Sufi poet (Jalal al-Din Muḥammad) Rumi’s Mevlevi order and the learning that I have received from my guru Anantaji’s (Garg) teachings and meditation progression followed by Advait teachings, Zen process, Osho meditation and more. Here we first prepare body for better followed by Sufi whirling (an act of meditation) and chanting (zikr),”shares the expert from Bangalore.

During the whirling, which is known as Sema, they presented Khwaja Mere Khwaja…. “It’s a way of connecting the heart, body, mind and soul with the divine. Such group performances do add energy but eventually it’s a solo journey,” says Ekin.

She guided the members not to believe in duality. “You and God these are not two entities as such …in fact everything is divine and one. Whirling, satsang, talks, self-enquiry and meditation are the ways to go beyond mind — state of meditation. Human mind is very fickle and it easily transports us to various places even during meditation. Look, we can’t control our mind and thoughts as things will surely come and go but we need to believe what mind says and shows is not always true and that control leads us to ultimate meditation,” Ekin adds.

Chairperson for the Lucknow chapter Simu Ghai tells, “The Dervish meditation techniques filled our hearts with divine love. After two hours of prep the members whirled for about an hour. Our members enjoyed the session and took back a lot of learning from this session. “