Supermodel Skin, Humidity-Proof Hair, and Stiletto-Shaped Tips Shut Down the Vogue World Runway

But there were hints of statement makeup woven throughout too, befitting the magnitude of the experiential event. “It took me six hours to make each one by hand,” Kabuki said of two exceptionally crafted metallic masks made of individually cut, adhesive Mylar squares that he had assembled on a piece of tulle before meticulously applying them onto Imaan Hammam’s and Sora Choi’s foreheads. Other models, including Yoon Young Bae and Yumi Nu, got a soft wash of blue eye shadow, while Kabuki used MAC’s Pigment in Rose Gold swirled with a few drops of Mixing Medium and its Blacktrack Fluidline Gel to create a handful of graphic liner looks.

Photographed by Emily Malan

Ella Emhoff sported a pointed design that dipped into the inner corners of her eyes as well as extra-long stiletto tips lacquered in CND’s Devil Red polish, one of two nail motifs dreamed up by manicurist Leanne Woodley, which also included chipped natural nails in neon bright shades of pink, green, and yellow. It was punk, it was couture, it was fun. “Thank you so much for having me,” Woodley said as the sun began to set over the Hudson River, a sentiment that echoed throughout the joyous celebration of global fashion and the greatest city in the world.