Kate Moss’s Guide to Restorative Wellness and Cool-Girl Beauty

“I’ve been meditating, doing yoga, just being much healthier,” says Kate Moss with a smile. At 48, the British supermodel and style icon’s lifestyle is a far cry from the one she became known for during her rise to fame. Nowadays, she’s embracing a more intentional, self-care-focused attitude and channeling it into her new wellness brand, Cosmoss. “I was taking better care of myself, I was trying new things…all of this stuff that can make you more grounded and balanced,” explains Moss of the inspiration behind her new venture, “so that’s what I wanted to bring into my products.”

Each day, Moss’s daily routine starts with a cup of Cosmoss Dawn Tea, which is her secret elixir for beauty that begins from within. “It wakes you up; it’s good for aligning your system and [is a substitute for] lemon water, which is apparently really bad for your teeth,” she says. After taking a sip, she lights a relaxing rose quartz candle. “It just brings peace and calm to the start of my day,” she says. Next is cleanser, followed by a rose water toner and the Cosmoss Face Cream. “It’s very healing,” she says, massaging in the oat moss and CBD-infused cream. “Friends of mine that I gave it to who have eczema and are allergic to smells—it’s a very delicate smell—they can really use it. So, I was very happy about that feedback.”

To aid lymphatic drainage, Moss glides a gua sha across her face—a sculpting technique she learned on the job. Finally, she reveals a new addition to her routine: sunscreen, thanks to her daughter Lila’s instruction. “Lila probably has more of a skin-care routine than I do [and] she’s very good at makeup and things,” she says after applying the Laneige lip mask, which also came at her daughter’s recommendation. 

Before moving on to makeup, she squeezes a drop of her Golden Nectar tincture under her tongue, praising its anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving benefits, whether ingested or applied topically as a serum. “I have to say, I’m not very high maintenance when it comes to doing my makeup,” she admits, particularly during the day. Two different shades of Charlotte Tilbury’s concealer helps to even out her complexion, while an Hourglass bronzer adds a touch of color.