I’m a makeup pro – my clever tip will make your face look instantly slimmer

FROM fillers to surgery — women have been chasing the ever-elusive “snatched” face.

One makeup pro has revealed her technique for making her contour look flawless.

Mina Zibayi is a makeup pro who loves contour


Mina Zibayi is a makeup pro who loves contourCredit: TIKTOK/ minazibayi
She blended her contour with a Too Faced blending brush


She blended her contour with a Too Faced blending brushCredit: TIKTOK/ minazibayi

Mina Zibayi is a makeup pro who specializes in facial contouring for a “snatched’ or perfect look.

She boasts over 17k followers on TikTok, where she posts beauty tips, hacks, and reviews.

She taught followers how to execute the perfect contour technique.

In a video set to Madonna’s Material Girl, she carved her cheekbones, the sides of her mouth, and her nose.

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She used the Pixi On-The-Glow contour stick, retailing for $18, for the unmatched makeup technique.

Zibayi followed up by blending out the contour, which was much darker than her skintone, in order to provide dimension to the face.

She used the Too Faced Mr. Chiseled contouring brush, which retails for $34, to flawlessly blend the bronzer.

Commenters lauded Zibayi’s technique.

“You’re gorgeous girl,” one commenter wrote.

“Looks so real,” another wrote.

Others were less than convinced by the technique.

“Step one: have unreal cheekbones,” one skeptic wrote in the comment section.

“Same with/without,” another unconvinced viewer wrote.

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Zibayi’s content mostly focuses on how to keep the face looking taut, which includes makeup contouring, but what critics failed to mention is that she also incorporates facial contouring.

She credited her facial structure to habitual facial exercise, a thorough skincare regimen, as well as her makeup contouring techniques for emphasis.

She revealed the final result


She revealed the final resultCredit: TIKTOK/ minazibayi
She showed that her contour techniques clearly work


She showed that her contour techniques clearly workCredit: TIKTOK/ minazibayi