How To Achieve The Trending Jello Skin From TikTok

Korean beauty trends have been running the scene for a hot minute now. Whether you’re aware of it or not, a lot of current skincare methods originated in Korea. The most iconic of all is glass skin, which remains a skincare ideal people strive for. Glass skin is essentially perfecting your skincare to achieve a level of optimal hydration and glow to the point where your skin is luminous and almost reflective, quite literally like glass, per Healthline

It takes a lot to get there and requires multiple skincare steps to pack on the hydration to achieve that unique translucency. Well, according to this TikToker, glass skin is a thing of the past and has morphed into a new skin finish we should all strive for— Jello skin. 

@Glowwithava has been an active member of the skincare influencer community, sharing her tried and true Korean skincare tips and product reviews. During the glass skin era, Ava Lee reigned supreme, and now she’s here with a hot new take. In a recent TikTok video, she showed herself getting a facial. As her esthetician pinched her skin, he uttered a phrase that would trigger a new skincare movement, “It’s like the perfect consistency of Jello!” 

1.5 million views later, and suddenly everyone needed to achieve that Jello skin texture. In the video, the esthetician attributed Lee’s perfect Jello bounce to “perfect collagen levels.” So, how can you get that same reaction during your next facial?