Get Glowing With These 5 Skincare Tips For A Vibrant Navratri 2022

The Indian festive season has officially begun in full swing with nine nights of absolute bliss, with the emergence of Navratri. It’s not just nine nights of singing hymns and worshiping the Goddesses, but an array of glamorous nights filled with a lot of dancing, garba, dandiya, makeup and festive wear. Women of all age groups find the festival fascinating and there is no stopping them as they groove to the latest Navratri songs. However, the long, tiring hours and makeup is dulling your skin. The constant sweat and pollution which the skin is exposed to during the long hours outside homes needs to be dealt with carefully. We need to be extra careful about our skin, especially during the time of festivals, as we tend to wear more beauty products and are exposed to lights for longer durations. S we have curated a list of easy tips to follow to keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated, all along the festival

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5 Skincare Tricks To Keep The Skin Healthy And Hydrated During Navratri

1. Ample Hydration

The one thing any beauty expert swears by which gives a youthful looking skin is ample hydration. Water works as the magic potion in keeping the skin livelier, giving it the perfect natural glow, for the season. Apart from maintaining the skin tissues’ elasticity and reducing the fine lines and wrinkles, it makes the skin look and feel supple and hydrated. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water, especially when you are sweating during the dance nights.


2. Use Gentle Exfoliators

There is a high chance the skin will be exposed to dirt, grit and pollution during the long dancing hours. So after returning home, do not forget to use a gentle exfoliator on the skin. The skin will immediately get rid of the pollutants and would give you a fresher look. After exfoliation, the skin gets dried of the natural oils as well. So maintain the moisturisation of the skin, do not forget to apply the regular moisturising creams or gels.

3. Include Vitamin C And Greens In Your Diet

Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant which strengthens your immune system and makes the skin radiant-looking inside out. So for that natural glow, eat foods rich in Vitamin C which include citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, papaya, strawberries etc. Including green leafy vegetables like spinach in your diet will help you maintain a youthful appearance due to its anti-ageig properties.


4. Beauty Sleep

You may not realise how important sleep is for beauty. There is a reason it is called the beauty sleep. Sleeping at irregular hours and for lesser time may cause the occurrence of dark circles, and render the skin dull and lifeless. So do not miss having 8 to 9 hours of sleep daily.


5. Use Face Mists

Before heading out for a garba night, use a face mist to refresh and revitalise your face. The ski instantly brightens and makes the makeup look fresher . The cooling components of the face mists also soothe the skin and give it a dewy glow.


We hope you have a great Navratri while taking care of your skin.

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